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Winter Shipping Info

It’s time to think about winter packaging. Winter packaging will be up to the customer to purchase. If your temperatures are dipping down in the 40’s,  I would suggest you get this option. Our live arrival policy will not guarantee your order if temperatures get this low. We will take every precaution to insure your order arrives in good condition with or without this option. Winter packaging will be double boxed, a 72 hr heat pack and extra news paper packed in tight for insulation to keep them warm throughout the trip.

Live arrival is guaranteed for all shipments unless at any point during transit, day time temperatures or heat index exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit or night time temperatures or wind chill factors fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We will take every precaution to make sure they get there in good shape. You may email us to have it held at your local post office or have it delayed until temperatures are in a safer range. Live arrival guarantee is also void if the buyer is not present to receive the package on the first delivery attempt for priority mail . All DOAs and incorrect orders  must be reported within 3 hours of arrival to claim a re-shipment. Proof of DOAs may be required at my discretion in the form of a photograph or returning the dead specimens. Time of arrival is determined by carrier tracking. 

Orders must be received Tuesdays by noon to have them shipped out that week. If a dubia order comes in after that time, we will hold for the next Monday unless we feel your order will make it to you before the weekend.